Minnesota Surrogacy Awareness

Background on bill SF 1152/HF 1000

The Surrogacy Abuse Prevention Act: HF 1000 (Zerwas) / SF 1152 (Benson)

What the bill DOES

  • Prevents the exploitation of women and the commodification of children
  • Creates a regulatory framework for surrogacy arrangements in Minnesota based on the Legislative Surrogacy Commission’s Recommendations
  • Provides safeguards and legal protections for both the gestational surrogate and the intended parents
  • Requires a background check and mental health evaluation for both gestational surrogates and intended parents
  • Imposes standard requirements for valid surrogacy contracts in Minnesota
  • Ensures that rights of parentage are transferred upon compliance with the surrogacy contract
  • Forbids for-profit commercial surrogacy arrangements
  • Outlaws predatory, for-profit surrogacy agencies and brokers, and requires all surrogacy agencies to be licensed by the Department of Health
  • Clarifies that the “best interests of the child” standard will be applied in custody disputes related to surrogacy arrangements
  • Protects the rights of children by allowing disclosure of the identification of the gestational surrogate
  • Prevents international surrogacy arrangements, ensuring that children born through surrogacy will receive the protections and rights of the laws and Constitution of the United States
  • Requires the Department of Health to collect aggregate data on surrogacy arrangements

What the bill does NOT do…

  • Ban surrogacy
  • Prevent gestational surrogates from receiving compensation for reasonable expenses related to their pregnancy

View the current Senate version (SF 1152)  and House version (HF 1000) of the bill.

Download (PDF, 203KB)