Minnesota Surrogacy Awareness

Background on bill SF 348/HF 437

A bill for an act establishing a Legislative Surrogacy Commission in Minnesota


What the bill DOES

  • Creates a bipartisan commission to study considerations for women, children, and intended parents that are associated with surrogacy.
  • Outlines potential issues with surrogacy that the commission should consider and study.
  • Provides a framework to receive input from all surrogacy stakeholders.
  • Establishes a framework for adequate, non-biased oversight of the data collection and research process.
  • Follows through on the additional study and analysis of surrogacy that the 2002 Minnesota Uniform Parentage Act Task Force indicated as important and needed.

What the bill does NOT do…

  • Does not propose any public policy, nor does it create any statutory framework for surrogacy arrangements.
  • Does not take away anyone’s access to surrogacy or in vitro fertilization.
  • Does not make assumptions about the good will or competency of particular people involved in surrogacy arrangements.
  • Does not prohibit certain groups of stakeholders or surrogacy industry professionals from testifying or being a resource for the commission.


CLICK HERE to current Senate version (SF 348) of the bill.