Minnesota Surrogacy Awareness


Minnesotans for Surrogacy Awareness

We are a diverse coalition of individuals and advocacy groups who are concerned about the risks that surrogacy poses to the fundamental rights and well-being of women and children.

In 2002, the Minnesota Uniform Parentage Act Task Force stated that “additional analysis and legislation are needed to address public policy concerns involving gestational agreements, including whether such agreements should be permitted by law,” and that “[t]here are several complex public policy considerations that the Task Force believes require serious deliberation and discussion before any legislation is implemented in Minnesota…These concerns are multifaceted and have significant social, moral, and ethical dimensions that the Task Force believes require additional analysis, discussion, and debate.”

Since then, no meaningful analysis has been done.

As the practice of surrogacy grows, Minnesota stands at a critical juncture. Do we recognize and legitimize the practices of Minnesota’s commercial surrogacy industry through legislation, allowing it to grow, or do we pause and work to understand why some states, many European nations, like France and Sweden, and Canada as recently as 2007, have banned commercial surrogacy?

As Minnesotans and other people who care about justice and dignity for women and children, we think it is finally time that our state lawmakers take a serious, in-depth look at surrogacy.


Australian Adoptee Rights Action Group

BDFund Legal Project on Reproductive Trafficking

The Center for Bioethics and Culture 

Kathleen Sloan, feminist leader, author, and third-party reproduction expert

Kajsa Ekis Ekman, author of “Being and Being Bought”

Minnesota Catholic Conference

Minnesota Family Council