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DAILY MAIL: Surrogate mother banned from keeping her own daughter after parents who hired her were ruled unfit

By Jenny Awford
April 18, 2015

A surrogate mother has been banned from keeping her own daughter after it emerged that the woman who hired her had three of her children taken away.

The little girl was given up for adoption after a judge ruled that giving her birth mother, 28, custody would traumatise her other daughter.

The surrogate, from Tyne & Wear, who already has a five-year-old girl, said she broke down when the family court ruled she could not raise her own baby or even visit her.

‘They said if she was to come back to me it would affect the daughter I already have, it would get to her emotionally,’ she told The Sun.

‘But I couldn’t stop crying. I just broke down. I would have loved to have brought her up.’

She said she first became concerned when the parents she gave birth for vanished the day after she handed over the baby in 2013.

The 28-year-old then realised the couple, who she had met via a website, had lied about their address and background.

She refused to sign over parental control and it later emerged the other woman already had three children taken away from her by social services.

It then took more than a year before the girl was finally removed from their family home in the North East.

A family court later ruled they should not keep the child but instead chose a third adoptive family over the surrogate.

The couple made a number of allegations about the surrogate mother.

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